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Younique Ornaments quilted ornaments

My sister and I have been making quilted ornaments for years for our family and friends. Created by folding up to 56 pieces of fabric or ribbon and carefully pinning them to a ball, the finished product can take hours to complete. All of our ornaments are joyfully created by hand with lots of love.  Many nights we can be found sitting at the dining room table singing along to our favorite music, working on yet another creation.  Time really does fly when you are having fun!

My sister creates most of the beautiful fabric ornaments in our shop. I can’t get enough of the gorgeous and oh-so glittery ribbons.  I also create the flower pomanders and the filled glass ornaments that are new to our shop this spring. And yes, we are probably the only crazy women looking for Christmas ribbon on a beautiful summer day in California! It is an addiction, seriously!

We love custom orders. Feel free to ask! If you are looking for something with a particular color or theme, please contact us and we would be happy to assist you.

We hope our ornament brings a smile to your face and you love it as much as we did creating it. It's exciting to think that our items are spreading joy throughout the US! We lovingly package our ornaments as part of celebrating every sale. 

Thanks for stopping by!